Subul Us Salaam 2020 { Correspondence Course }

Duration: Self Paced ( As early as can - till with in 3.5 years )

Starting (Interviews): Monday 17th Aug'2020 Onwards  In Shaa Allah

Limited Seats ONLY [First Come First Get ]

Registrations will close 30th Aug'2020 ( Note: Once capacity is full, remaining registrations will be added in waiting list ) In Shaa Allah

Starting (Lessons): Monday 31st August' 2020 Onwards In Shaa Allah

Featuring: Tajweed, Translation Word By Word, Tafseer of Al Quran and  Tafheem Us Sunnah Books ( Basic Fiqh ) , Seerah, Duas and Personality Development Tips

Books: Lafzi Tarjuma Quran Set (Juz 1-30) {By Maulana Fateh Mohd Jallandhari}
Tafheem Us Sunnah Book Series {By Muhammed Iqbal Kilani} Kitab ut Tawheed,
Itteba e Sunnat Kay Masayel, Kitaab Ut Taharah, Kitaab Us Salaat, Kitaab Us Saum,Kitaab Us Zakaat, Kitaab Ul Hajj

Medium: WhatsApp and Student Portal

Language: Urdu

Pre-Requisite:  1. Self Motivated    2. Committed with 100% dedication    3.Extreme high desire to Learn Quran with understanding but due to very genuine reason unable to join Onsite or Online Fixed Time Class Room structure

ONLY Serious Students Please

One Time Registration Fee + Monthly Tuition Fee

Country  One Time Registration Fee Tuition Fee Per Month
Europe £45 £35
US & Canada $50 $40
UAE  50 AED 40 AED
Norway Kr 700 Kr 500
India Rs.1000 Rs.500
Pakistan Rs.2000 Rs.1000

*Payment Link will be emailed after Registration Form and Interview to committed students.

NOTE: ADMISSIONS will be confirmed only after Interview.

( Sponsorship is available for deserving students )

 Course Contact Email: [email protected]