Prep Ramadan Course 2019

Starting: Mon 22nd April'2019  til Tue 30th April '2019  In Shaa Allah

Timings: Live Class  5:30am-8am US Est. / 10:30am-1pm UK / 2:30pm-5pm PK

1st Reply Session:  10:30am-1pm US Est./ 3:30pm-6pm UK / 7:30pm-10pm PK Time

Days:  All Days

Duration: 9  Classes

Aim: Learn not only how to maximize the blessings and the benefits of RAMADAN but also to ensure that the
good habits and imaan boost we experience in Ramadan permeates into the rest of our lives.

Objective:To shape ourself spiritually, physically and mentally prepare for the blessed month Ramadan

• Saum e Ramadan - Spiritual Preparation for Ramadhan

• Kitaab Us Saum - Basic fiqh of Fasting

• Namaaz e Nabawi

• Matrook Sunnahs

• Small Actions But Big Rewards

• Tips for Productive Ramadan

Tuition Fee: * IT's FREE    Pre-requisite is your commitment & dedication

Joining Options:

1. PALTALK: Paltalk >>> Rooms >>> Religion & Spirituality >>> Islam
Room Name: * Nurulquran Ramadan Program 2019 *


Course Email:  [email protected]

Don't FAIL to PLAN for RAMADAN else it will be a PLAN to FAIL.
Let's Set our goals at the highest.
Don't settle for anything less than JANNAH.