Sabeel Ul Jannah 2018

Starting: 11th Sept'2018

Days: Tues Wed & Thur ( 3 Days/Week )

Timings: Live Class 10am-2pm UK /  2pm-6pm PK Time / 5am-9pm US/Est.

Duration: 285 Working Days

Curriculum: Tajweed, Translation & Tafseer, Tafheem Us Sunnah, Duas, Character Building, Personality Development,
Home & Time Management skills, Basic Arabic Grammar And Much More ...

Books: Lafzi Tarjuma Quran Set (Juz 1-30) {By Maulana Fateh Mohd Jallandhari}
Tafheem Us Sunnah Book Series {By Muhammed Iqbal Kilani} Kitab ut Tawheed,
Itteba e Sunnat Kay Masayel, Kitaab Ut Taharah, Kitaab Ut Salaat, Kitaab Ul Saum,Kitaab Ul Zakaat, Kitaab Ul Hajj

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Tuition Fee:

Country  One Time Registration Fee Tuition Fee Per Month
Europe £15 £20
US & Canada $15 $25
Norway Kr 100 Kr 250
India & Pakistan Rs.200 Rs.500

* Sisters From Others Countries : Plz Email us Your [Name][Email][Address][Contact#] to know details about fee.

Fee Payment Link  Via Paypal or Card :

Paypay Email to pay fee: [email protected]

Note: Once Registration Form is filled, you will receive a confirmation email.Check you inbox and follow the steps to complete admission in Sabeel Ul Jannah course.

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Course Email:   [email protected]

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