Baaqi reh jaane waale amaal, باقی رہ جانے والے آمال

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وَيَزِيدُ ٱللَّهُ ٱلَّذِينَ ٱهۡتَدَوۡاْ هُدً۬ى‌ۗ وَٱلۡبَـٰقِيَـٰتُ ٱلصَّـٰلِحَـٰتُ خَيۡرٌ عِندَ رَبِّكَ ثَوَابً۬ا وَخَيۡرٌ۬ مَّرَدًّا

And Allâh increases in guidance those who walk aright. And the righteous good deeds that last, are better with your Lord, for reward and better for resort.

(Surah Maryam : 76)

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