Surah Al Kahf Short Course 2018

Starts: Monday 26th March'2018 In Shaa Allah

Timings: Live Class 10am-12pm UAE Time / 9am-11am Qatar Time / 11am-2pm PK Time / 2am-4am US/Est.

Days: Every Monday ( Only 1 day per Week )

Duration: 7 Classes

Aim: To keep emaan safe from the distractions of duniya, protect from fitna of DAJJAL and discover the blessings in the midst of trails.

Objective: 1. Seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT by investing time and efforts in reciting and studying HIS words
2. Develop the understanding
3. Pondering upon the ayahs
4. Implement it's teaching in our lives

Curriculum:  Translation & Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf  , related activities & more ...

Tuition Fee: * IT's FREE

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Course Email:   [email protected]

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