Al Barakah Project : Jauharabad Pakistan Phase III

By the Grace  & Mercy of Allah Almighty, Alhumdulillah after successful completion of

Al Barakah Project Phase I :  (40%) and  Al Barakah Project Phase II :  (61%)

Now Al Barakah Project is in it's  PHASE: III

We are very thankful for the support of our students and their families, extended families
and our community and many donors across the world

We pray that Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala bless barakah in their provisions of all the families for their generousity and accept from all. Aameen.

In Shaa Allah, We still have Great Opportunity to invest for Our Akhirah by putting our share in PHASE-III in building  a center to deliver Islamic Education of Muslims & Social Welfare in Jauharabad  and Pakistan at large . In Shaa Allah

Lets make a difference with our small contributions by being a part of this project, to connect lost hearts with Our Rabb, to protect & save generations & generations from being the dwellers of hellfire, to correct the mistaken image of our religion in our societies, and to mold our own future generations to be leaders of pious & pioneers of good conduct.

Just imagine how big this investment we would be doing with Allah S.W.T  that each good deed that will be made by someone you facilitate learning deen would go into your account on Judgement Day ? Let us be wise in investing for our future- not only for this life, but more importantly, for the afterlife. Let Do Our Business With Allah swt.