Saturday, January 20th 2018

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  • What do students say about their learning experience at Nur Ul Quran....

    Aasalam Elekum, Alhamduillah I am a regular student of Nurul Quran classes. Ever since taking these classes my out look on many thing have changed. I am more conscious and aware of my surrounding and my everyday role in it.Now I am more conscious of my actions even small ones like, I try not to waste electricity and water as now I know that I am answerable to all the nemats given to me by Allah Subhanahu wa Taa'la. By doing this journey of knowledge through Quran studies I love Allah Taa'la way more and I fear Allah Taa'la more than what I used too. It's a very weird combination that keeps me on my toes by constantly judging my actions before others and most importantly before Allah Taa'la Himself judges on the Day Of Judgment. Iman is a feeling between hope and despair, now I am understanding this ideology. Alhamulillah I have started the journey to understand the message of Allah Taa'la to us from him. Sometimes it angers me that thirty years of my life gone and finally now I am reading and researching my life manual script so I could find out what I was born to do. I feel like blaming many factors in my life but then my heart calms and I am in peace that Allah Taa'la had chosen me and had not left me among the ignorant ones. I can never thank Allah Taa'la enough for giving me the toufeeq of doing this nemat. Like I mentioned before my deepest feeling for Allah Taa'la is that I find Him very merciful and now I really believe that He loves me a lot so I as well love Him a lot and simultaneously fear His displeasure a lot too. May Allah keep my believes and my actions pure and neeak and keep me stead fast in this journey of knowledge as it is trully "RAB KA PAIGHAM MEREY NAAM".

    Sr.Zehra ,California,USA {Rkp Student}


    Quran helped me to get more closer to Allah SWT the almighty.I always wonder How important it is to read it and understand its meanings,so as to get succeed in both worlds.Alhamdulillah i have understood the purpose of our life.

    {Rkp Student}







The Book of Allah SWT is ready to give you infinite wealth of this world ( most importantly, in terms of real peace) and in the hereafter (in terms of lasting & forever bliss). Let Us learn how to achieve it!